Monthly Archives: April 2012

Binding women to restrictions

By Tariq Al Maeena

Women in Saudi Arabia continue to face restrictions. Or so that’s what most of the liberal intellectuals and social activists believe. And they are quick to point out a few examples among many that substantiate their claims.
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Learning from tragedy

By Farhan Bokhari,

A tragic plane crash near Islamabad on Friday may have been caused by a range of factors from pilot error to weather conditions to technical fault. Continue reading

Game of cat and mouse in Iraq

By Shakir Noori,

Masoud Barzani, the Kurdish leader, is a man of few words. Over the years as Iraq lurched from one destabilising crisis to the next he remained focused on his home front, consolidating his power base and let the other veteran and more senior Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani enjoy the national limelight as president of the country.
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One-nation theory

By Aakar Patel

The first time I came to Pakistan, I was taken aback at how good some of the infrastructure was. Continue reading

Pakistan after the American withdrawal

By Khaled Ahmed

Most observers are worried about Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US-Nato forces from there in 2013-2014. It should be interesting to see what would happen to Pakistan once the Americans are gone.
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What are we afraid of?

By Saroop Ijaz

What image is summoned to mind when you hear the words ‘aam admi’, ‘common man’ or the ‘average’ Pakistani and various lazy permutations? Admittedly, one uniform sentiment would be that he is impoverished and downtrodden. Continue reading

US can’t abandon the Mideast

By Hassan Bin Talal

Early this year, the Pentagon’s strategic review signalled a shift in priorities for US foreign policy, suggesting that more attention would be paid to the Asia-Pacific region. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke of this as a “pivot” towards Asia, signalling what for many analysts and ordinary Americans has been a long-overdue transition away from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East in general.
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State of school education in Pakistan

By: Inayatullah

Earlier this month, an important regional seminar was held in Lahore to address issues of equity and quality in school education. It was organised by ITA, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi and South Asia Forum for Education Development in collaboration with Education Testing Service USA, DFID, UKAID and Open Society Foundation as a follow-up of the Salzburg meetings.
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Pak-China ties changing?

Zafar Hilaly

One constant in our foreign relations since the early 1960s has been our singularly positive relationship with China, unlike our ties with other countries, which have had their highs and lows. But how well we manage this relationship will determine whether it proves to be an all weather highway or something more mundane.
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How Pakistan Can Have an “Invincible” Military

By Dr. David R. Leffler
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Although social scientists argue that research shows that our world is becoming a safer and more peaceful place, dangerous hotspots still exist. Ongoing tensions between Pakistan and India continue to threaten the peace and security of both nations. Continue reading